They Live Happily Ever After...

And I loved you
with full breaths of air
the kind
that'd make the wolf jealous
with cheeks puffing
and down through my lungs
like I've been told to;

when I fail at smoking weed
but this is better
as it starts from belly
and I loved you

cause I knew
we'd have a village
of system takeover kids
and you'd play beats on my stomach of
how I make you feel;
I've been told
they’d recognize our tones
so baby and father
would know music as another language
and they'd be stubborn giants
and you'd tell stories of how we met.

They would know
the sound a pen makes
in mommy's hands

and before they'd ever cry
they'll know the sound of laughter

like you
they won't get my sarcasm
and hopefully
they wouldn't inherit your savagery (for obvious reasons)
or my old habit
of looking for control in others
and you'd tell them
just like you tell everyone "she tricked me
you know..... with her trench coat"
and they'd be in the center of love.


Object of Affection

as Told by Him

He loved timeless Saturdays and lazy love,

the anticipation of the unknown,


he loved

the body as worship,

as give it your all and non-judgmental,

he loved how her vibe inspires him to music


forever scheming ways

to change her vacant expression,

openness and the ability to explore unrestrained,

he loved curious as she always was,


mind blowing

and when ready


she'd be shown

not told of his love.