Artist: _funkthaworld

Artist: _funkthaworld


My Father created me with a heart

like May Boatwright


it is

broken,battered, bruised

by this world

and has still managed to be shrouded

in a part of its old innocence


I am blessed

and cursed by

such a thing


through lens that once didn't realize

that they were seeing things differently. 


Wailing wall is

always one story

short making it incomplete


the news is chiming in


it doesn't hesitate to remind me

that it's not done yet


I am on the floor kneeling

making a trail

hoping for unity and

opportunity to lead the people


wanting life for them


but they'd rather stay comfortable


and my heart is anxious


because the

beekeeper told it to send love

and it wasn't appreciated or rendered worthy

it is blamed

for not always being of this world


a world that plays hop scotch

with its sanity.


Enough is Enough



And today born; bare 


untroubled few seconds,




angst is best friend after. 


Society –

only hidden

 body beautiful.


Only man; pleasure



stop being uncovered



acceptable dignifying




For the sake of 


This. is. NOT.

How you revolution.




become whore;



whole sanctuary

un pure.


I plucked nudes out of my favorites’ folder in my iPhone.


Samurai their only audience –

months of “should I post them?”


Months of 

“but I want to.”


Is it bad


is probably what appealed to me most?


I am always courageous

BECAUSE of fear

and doubt;

 they are my adrenaline shots.


No spiteful man tried me on for size

but, still I worry


cause today I was born

my way for the first time;

I be forsaker.


I bore chains so long;

they still shake

when I move


and I don’t want

religion and misogyny

catching rides on them



anxiety denies freedom; cause she

doesn’t know what comes with it.