Artwork by Patrick Campbell, 2014.

Artwork by Patrick Campbell, 2014.

A recent study has shown that young black males are 21 times more likely to be killed by cops. (This is the title)

I don't need a study to tell me that. When another black teen with a name that some will soon forget floods my Facebook timeline.

For those justifying the actions of the accused. What will you do when it's your child?

Even when I turn off the tv I can't escape reality.

18 yr old Vonderrit Meyers Jr was shot 17 times in St. Louis by an off duty officer. His only weapon was a sandwich. I keep seeing articles referring to him as a man instead of a teenager maybe that'll just help them sleep better.

I might not have known him but I know the feeling I got my freshman year when I went to the bathroom at Walmart.

I remember seeing a middle aged white woman with her two young children. The little girl stared at melike she had never seen a black person before. In the small quiet town of Vincennes, Indiana she might have not.

I said to her mother " They're selling cotton candy for $2." She stared at me as if I was one of the blades in her child's treats during Halloween.

I was the Boogey Man coming to steal her children.

I pray to GodI never have to teach my children that they'll be the victims turned into villains of skin seekers. I don't want have to look into my little girl's eyes and tell her "No, sweetheart there's no way to remove the target." I hope years from now "the talk" will still mean informing my child about sex and not informing my child what to do when approached by a police offer.

When 17 year old Lennon Lacy was hung from a swing set they tried to say that it was a suicide and not a lynching.

People place hazy covers over their eyes and minds stick their fingers in their ears and say "I can't hear you."

But, I remember a car pulling up next to me, Sam, and Blair on our way from Walgreens around 10 o clock at night. The word nigger wiggled from the window. They received refuge as the light changed when we began to approach the car.

November 22, 2014 - Tamir Rice was only 12 years old when he was shot. He had a toy gun. I wonder...will his wings will be too big for him?

Tell me. What was your real reason to be afraid of a child?



This is a public service announcement (or a message to our government )


I'm pretty sure I was

around 18


when I cut my hair

and that's when the strings slowly started falling


I was born to believe that I bear Nefertiti's resemblance

of that I mean I am a queen

so you best believe I am lit

and I can't be told not to expect a dynasty.


Not to expect to survive those who try

and bind me


someone forgot to remind them




At 18 I realized books and the Internet isn't just good for fake stories

fake stories that've been

drilled in my mind

since I was old enough to enunciate

a good sentence

stories like..... Christopher Columbus was a good man

and HE discovered America


so we're just going to act like the Native Americans.....ok.


Walt Disney writes fairytales


disclaimer: HE was a racist

glazed over like

the Jim Crow crow in Dumbo


high school I learned about Aristotle

yesterday I learned how his great philosophies were plagiarized from the Black Egyptians.


Oh how funny

that white privilege is.


Irony is them sentencing me

to my own destruction

and then

still blaming me for it


someone tell them I do my own research now


for more than just a grade on a paper

that'll I'll lose


in about a week.


I'm taking advantage of how my brain

can dissect


and my professors have been

unteaching all the things

they've been preaching

a bit of Malcolm x and MLK JR are taking turns fighting to come out in my spirit

if someone would be so kind


as to tell the government

I will no longer be their puppet.