Illustration by Markus Prime

Five Senses

Last night he made an ode to my body from the bottom up

As if he was in a trance

Enhanced when his touch gently grazed my smooth thighs

His excitement was seen like that of a child in a candy store

The place where my curvaceous caramel hips dip catch his eyes

We tasted whipped cream and chocolate off of each other

He said my nipples reminded him of Hershey's kisses

But, my juices were his favorite flavor

Like a river he had me overflowing

His wandering tongue was all knowing

He made notes with my soft parts

It sang a song for him

That Mozart would commend

My body was his playground

Nothing went untouched

He put his muscular hands on my slim waist taking me higher than I had ever been

His penis was my guide on a stairway to heaven

I saw everything that I wanted in him

We stayed intertwined

Beautiful as the captivating blended colors in a sunrise

My own nirvana

A part of me wished I could've captured that exquisite moment

Because it would do no justice in trying to explain

Those breathtakingly marvelous eyes

My curious tongue made a guideline across

Abs that only could've been sculpted by the gods

He was my aphrodisiac

His voice can only be compared to the sound of thunder

It vibrated the walls

I lost track of time

Laid down

And pulled satin sheets over my stark naked body

His hair brushed against my breasts

Our storm slowly began to subside

Resting in my bed

When my eyes are closed

His hands awake me

A constant routine in my mind

Like the moonlight that caresses my cheek

He only comes during the night

To keep my dreams alive


An Ode to Rough Sex

To “fuck me.

fuck me. fuck me!” "Please.”


To caramelish clay colored make up

on the wall

on the sheets

face on the wall;

against the sheets.


You instruct “only socks” 

black thigh high only

legs opening while hanging


end of bed

grab your thighs and

let me

get you deeper. 


behind me. 

Right there!


Right there. 

To gold chain in mouth:

to ass smacks and being bent over.


To embracing his dick instead of running away from it;

neck turning.

To “what is that shit you were talking?”

His hand clasps my throat

directing it


I am comfortable here.

His penis gives me fullness

and I am a impish troublemaker


all smiles and let me show you what I can do with my hands.

My mouth is yours

it is your weakness;

and I love it. 

I love your disbelief

You’re out of control

because of me

To “I don't want to hurt you”

and this is the good type of pain

To “I am smiling


I want to do it again.”